During the last decade, Clarkson University joined the top tier of America’s research universities, transformed its campus infrastructure and strengthened engagement with its alumni and broader regional community. The institution gained national recognition for the return value on a Clarkson education based on affordable access for qualified students and the remarkable career success of alumni. Through the commercialization of research and support of innovation, Clarkson has earned the growing buzz about its commitment to be an engine for economic growth across New York State and with global partners. Clarkson is well-positioned to leverage its academic excellence, adapt to new competitive pressures, influence solutions for world-relevant problems and continue to be where successful careers begin. We build from:

  • Our successful research collaborations with industry and academic partnerships;
  • Innovative educational initiatives, including interdisciplinary majors, integrated distance learning opportunities and the development of programs that anticipate evolving career trends;
  • New graduates launching careers in technology companies or starting their own promising enterprises;
  • Commitment to technology transfer, which provides a pipeline to commercialization for break-through technology and systems developed in Clarkson laboratories;
  • Engagement in the regional and state economy through technology transfer, community service and a commitment to job creation; and
  • The extraordinary success of our alumni as corporate leaders and technology innovators.

Through the clear-sightedness of the University mission, values and vision of a Clarkson education, and the accompanying mindset to defy convention, the University is primed to rejuvenate its ongoing evolution to excellence. In 2021, the University community will come together to celebrate the 125the anniversary of Clarkson’s founding in 1896. We honor our past and present accomplishments by the aspirations we establish for the future.

A renewed university-wide strategic planning initiative launched in Fiscal Year 2014 has brought clarity to navigating the changing competitive landscape and has unified the priorities among Clarkson’s stakeholders. The following overarching strategic goals will fold Clarkson’s current leading edges into the mainstream celebration of Clarkson at 125 and evolve our extraordinary story once again.

  • With graduates leading an increasingly global marketplace, Clarkson@125 compels us expand the world reach and diversity of the Clarkson community.
  • Building from the foundation in signature areas of research excellence, Clarkson@125 drives us to advance the prominence of research and scholarship enterprise that enriches the tradition of teaching and research excellence among our faculty and provides new depth to student learning opportunities.
  • Through Clarkson@125, we will build a best-of-class admission to graduate to alumni experience that assures lifetime engagement that ensures the ongoing legacy of success of graduates who have remarkable career and personal success.
  • We will arrange the basic building blocks that support change at our institution and a financial plan with a net return on investment to ensure the successful implementation of operating plans to fulfill the goals and strategies.